Welcome to Acelaweb!

The average cost of a web site in 2015 is anywhere between $5,600 to $11,000 for a ten page site… That's just crazy for someone looking to simply get their name out there! It's not rocket science and with todays web design software and the vast amount of customizable templates available it's really silly to pay that much for getting your name on the web.

Acelaweb has affordable website design packages for your small business that include hosting.
$69 Small Business Starter Package
$69.00 Domain, Design & Hosting Small Business Package Special*
Design & Hosting of a one page infosite. Don't need a fancy web site? Just need a page where potential customers can get contact information and a description of your company or services. For just $69.00 you can get your own domain hosted with up to 3 email addresses, one page web design and a year of hosting on Acelaweb. Domain and hosting renewal is $19 per year. We also set up social media sites for you business (Twitter & Facebook)

Basic sites can be completed within two to three days. Along with a very reasonable pricing we also offer our clients a thirty day evaluation period to decide if you are satisfied with the end result, if you are not satisfied or just think something needs to be added, removed or changed we will do so free of charge. Afterwards won't nickel and dime you either, if you need some minor changes, or text updated from time to time we will be more than happy to assist you in doing that.

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Yourdomain.com (net or org), three email addresses youremailaddress@yourdomain.com, a one page information site with up to five paragraphs of text with images and setup of your business Facebook and Twitter linking back to your website to help get the word out about your business and lets you interact with potential clients. Let us create your infosite!